What is your soul communicating with you through pain and discomfort?

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Welcome to my website.

You made your way here either because my services were recommended by someone you trust and you are wondering how I can help, or maybe you were searching online for healing and coaching services and came across my website. However you arrived here, it is an honour and a privilege to have you visit. You are most welcome to look around and see how I can support you in your journey of healing and self development.

The journey of healing and self development is a courageous journey. I know this because I get to work with amazing, resilient and courageous people everyday who have undertaken this journey. I honour you for listening to your body and taking steps to find out how to make positive improvements in your life to live a more expansive, conscious life of purpose and meaning.

Manjit Kaur

Spiritual Life Coaching and Healing in a supportive, safe space.


Life changing.


Take control of your life and step into your power.


Recovery from chronic pain, stress illnesses and anxiety.

A holistic coaching and healing program to help you live your best life.

Discover the messages from your Body, Mind and Soul.

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Are you in physical pain?

Are you holding the effects of trauma in your body?

What message is your body shouting at you?


Are you in emotional pain?

Are your thoughts causing you worry and anxiety?

Are limited beliefs holding you back?

Are you in a dilemma of what decision to take?



Are you searching for meaning?

Are you ready to hear the message of your soul to live an empowered life?

Do you need support and strategies in helping you letting go of the past so that you can finally be at peace in your life?

Then, know that you are not alone and that you were never meant to face life’s obstacles on your own.


Messages from the Body

Pain and discomfort are gifts, given to you by your soul. This is one way the soul gets your attention and communicates with you.

Together we will decipher the message, so the body and mind no longer have to be in pain.

Take your first step. Let’s have a chat.

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