What is Chardikala?

The concept of Chardikala is really hard to describe, but I will try to give the essence of this through the limited medium of words and language. It is a concept which I have shared with my clients over the years to  empower the soul, and to support the body and mind to get beyond the physical, emotional and mental pain. 

Chardikala is a Punjabi word, which translates to ‘Rising Spirit‘. To be in Chardikala is to be in high spirits with a positive attitude and perspective.

  • It is a state of being in which there is complete peace, yet it is is not a still state, it is an expanding, rising, transforming state.
  • It is a state of true love, for all, no exceptions. A courageous love, speaking and acting for the highest good of all. 
  • It is a state of joy, no matter what, beyond the human experience of pain and pleasure. 

Within this state, qualities of resilience, gratitude, forgiveness, intuitive action and calmness sit naturally.

Why did you create Chardikala Life?

This platform was created to share the concept of Chardikala, through the services that I provide on this site, because it is a concept which is worth sharing, especially in the times that we live in.

Chardikala Life came intuitively as a concept and idea at the end of 2019. I was not sure where this was going to go at the time, I just knew something was going to change. Then 2020 came along! I was no longer able to offer the physical therapies in the same way, but I was able to offer teaching, healing and support to my clients over zoom. This is when I worked on creating new online programs that were very much needed in the new world. 

Chardikala Life serves as the platform for me to serve by offering 1-2-1 healing and coaching sessions, workshops and courses. 


Who are you?
I am the founder of Chardikala Life. My name is Manjit Kaur. My name means ‘victory of the mind’, and this is a command that I try to aspire to in every breath. 

My spiritual life is of great importance to me and I live this life remembering that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. My inspiration and strength come from the teachings of Sikhism, which has given me the tools to understand the journey of the soul.

My aspiration and goal is to be here, in the now. Just in this breath.

The breaths which have gone, have now gone.
The breaths which are to come, are to come. 
I just want to be in this breath, right here, right now. 

My mission is to always serve with integrity and awareness. My service has been in teaching, mentoring, supporting, empowering and healing. 

Forever a student. I love learning new things and am always reading or doing courses to discover new ideas which help me understand my world with a little more clarity. This means that I am forever in active transformation.

I have offered my services in the field of health and wellness for over two decades as a complementary therapist helping clients with emotional and physical pain. Some of the ways I have done this is with Bowen Technique, Trauma Release Exercises, Rapid Growth Metaphysical Anatomy Technique, Stress Illness Recovery, Acupressure Therapy, Energy Healing, Reiki, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Meditation and Yoga, Diet and Nutrition, and Life Coaching.


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