What is Vitality?

Imagine.  Imagine yourself full of vitality. How do you feel? 

When we imagine vitality we see ourselves as free, free of worries, free of negativity, free of pain. Free, yet abundant.  Abundant in energy, abundant in radiance, abundant in love. That is Chardikala!

If you google the word vitality you will see pictures of people jumping into the air, smiling radiating faces, colourful fresh fruit and vegetables, bottles of water and juices, adverts for gyms.  All very positive and vibrant images. Who wouldn’t want such positive vitality in their lives? 

So what gives us our vitality?  The answer is a combination of ‘food’ for the mind, body and soul. 

  1. The mind needs a balance of stimulation and relaxation.
  2. The body needs the optimum nutrients and physical activity.
  3. The soul needs a purpose. 

In order find some answers I interviewed these three aspects of self to find out what they themselves had to say about vitality. 

Interviews with MIND, BODY and SOUL

Me:        “So Mind when do you feel vitalised? “

Mind:    “If you want vitality in your life, you need to make sure you guide me, for I do like to go on a journey of my own and can take you down a path of depression and hopelessness, or a journey of the super ego, both will cut you from the world and decrease your vitality.  I think that I am the most important thing in the world, and I can make you feel the same, sometimes to your detriment. It is not my fault, this is just my nature.  It is your job to control me and I know you can and when you do I will be the most obedient servant. 

Through reflection and meditation you can keep me in check. Use me to help solve problems and find creative solutions and your vitality will increase. Use me for idle gossip and attack of others and your vitality will decrease.  Keep me occupied with new learning and use that new learning to serve others and your vitality will increase.  If you don’t use me positively, then remember my nature is to fill that space, and I will get you worried, angry, greedy, resentful and take your vitality.  To increase your vitality please give me rest from it all because I too need to rest, lose yourself in meditation, music, dance, painting, playing, just let me be free from any action, just be.  I am naughty I will never go away and will keep nagging, especially when you are trying to rest, but over time you will find a way of controlling me and keeping me from taking your vitality.

Me:        “Body, tell us about your contribution to vitality.”

Body:    “My role is easy. You just have to feed me good food and water and take lots of exercise.  Everybody knows what is needed (that was a joke – everybody .. get it!!!)”  (haha sorry readers –  body is a bit of a joker!! admin)

“Did you know I am made up of 70% water?  So drink lots of it and it keeps me running well.  Talking about ‘running’ that brings me to my next vitality tip: walk, run, dance, jump, just MOVE!!  At least 15 minutes a day, that’s all I ask for.  I know you would rather listen to Mind than to me, and Mind is so naughty it tells you that you don’t have time to exercise and you listen it!!  That is why I then have to communicate through PAIN!!  You listen then don’t you!!  Help me out here, I don’t like to be in pain, so look after me.  Don’t eat all that processed stuff, how am I supposed to run on next to no nutrients?  Don’t fuel me with foods that I have to spend all my energy on, that is just taking it away from you, not my fault, it was your choice.  Told you, my role is easy, or it would be if you took control of food, water and exercise.”

Me:        “Soul what is your role in Vitality?”

Soul:      “I have a purpose and when you are aware of your purpose your vitality is increased.  When you ignore me and focus outwardly your vitality is decreased.”

(Long pause)

Me:        “That’s it?”

Soul:      “Yes.”

Me:        “So how will I know what my purpose is?”

Soul:     “You already know it.”

Me:        “you don’t speak much.”

Soul:      “My job is not to speak, but just to be there, you should be able to feel me, be aware of me. Awareness of my presence and awareness of my purpose increases your vitality.”

Me:        “How do I become aware of my purpose?”

Soul:      “Find a space to be still. Silent. Then write. Write a list of what you think your purpose is.  You may need to keep coming back to that space and the silence for several days, but once you are determined to find your purpose you will find it.  The clues to your life purpose are in the life that you have already lived. It is the acceptance of the life that has been lived and the embracing of the breaths yet to be breathed.  Your soul has been communicating with you forever, but you choose to listen to your Mind instead!!  Just because the mind is the loudest, does not mean his message is the most important.  In this exercise your Mind will try and take over, but if you are sincere in your determination to find your purpose then you will recognise the Mind’s input and be able to ignore it.”

Me:        “Thank you Mind, Body and Soul for your insights into vitality and your roles.”

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